Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving Day

Tomorrow is August 29th, which is the deadline I set for myself to launch the newly designed site for Home (if I hadn't set the deadline I may have procrastinated all the way into 2012). When I started this blog I had no idea how therapeutic it would become. Even more so, I never expected that anyone would stumble across my humble piece of internet real estate. The support I've received since last October has meant more to me than words can express.

Since today is "moving day" I thought I would go ahead and share the link to my new blog site. I've also included a few ways to make it easy to follow Home (if you'd like, and I sure hope you do).

Thanks for allowing me this outlet. I hope to see you over there.

Click on this link to follow me over to the new Home website.

*Note on using the above blogger link. You will need to use the following link on step Four:


Sunday said...

Yea!!! it looks great! see you at you new home ;)

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